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How To Host Cocktail Hour In The Same Room? (Question)

The optimum time to have a cocktail hour is during the afternoon.

  • It is the perfect opportunity to take use of any unique annex or outside area that your wedding location may have. Something outside on a pleasant evening, such as balconies, patios, roofs, or poolside, will immediately establish the mood for the party. Maintain this area throughout the event so that visitors may take a break for some fresh air or to make a quick phone call if they need to later on.

How much seating do you need for cocktail hour?

Seating Should Be Planned Carefully In general, you don’t want more than 30 percent of your guests to be in one location during the cocktail hour.

How do you have a ceremony and reception in the same room?

Organize your reception space such that it is divided into two different areas: one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. In a big, indefinite space, this is usually pretty simple to accomplish. You won’t have to relocate any seats or adjust any décor as a result of this. You can have your ceremony outside and your reception indoors if your location (and the weather) permits for such a setup.

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How do you keep guests entertained during cocktail hour?

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular game ideas you may employ to keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour.

  1. OUTDOOR PARTY GAMES FOR WEDDING Cocktail Hour. Table Tennis is a sport that is played on a table. Croquet or mini golf are two options. Jenga in the Garden is a giant game. In-door wedding cocktail hour games, including a bouncy castle Beer pong is a game played using a beer can. It’s the I Spy Wedding Game. Bingo for the wedding. Scavenger Hunt for Photographs.

How many hors d’oeuvres per person cocktail hour wedding?

Hors d’oeuvres is an abbreviation for “aside from the main job.” Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you and have developed the following best estimates, based on the type of event and the time frame: Cocktail hour is 30-60 minutes before dinner, therefore 2-4 pieces per person are recommended. 5-6 pieces each person, 1.5-2 hour event, before supper time, prior to dinner time.

How do you set up a room for a cocktail party?

Make sure you have enough space for your guests. Large sofas and other bulky furniture should be pushed towards the walls to provide more floor space if necessary. Area rugs should be removed to make place for a dancing area. There should be three square feet of dance floor per dancing visitor, so be sure that nothing is blocking your guests’ ability to move about freely on the dance floor.

Can cocktail hour be 30 minutes?

You might have a 30-minute cocktail hour before the ceremony to welcome your guests, followed by a typical 60-minute cocktail hour after the ceremony has concluded. You should consider hosting a pre-wedding cocktail hour if you need to accommodate shuttle bus timetables or guests who arrive early for the ceremony.

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What do guests do between ceremony and reception?

Organize a group activity for your students. When there is a time gap between the ceremony and reception, organizing an activity like as a trolley tour of the city or a group visit to a local museum or park is one of the most effective methods to keep your guests occupied.

Can I use the same chairs for ceremony and reception?

All guests are required to sit in a chair during the reception for dinner and dessert. It is possible to utilize a single set of chairs for both the ceremony and reception if both events take place at the same location, which would save rental expenses.

What is the difference between wedding ceremony and reception?

The main distinction between a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception is the goal of each event. The wedding ceremony is intended to commemorate the union of the couple. The objective of the wedding ceremony is to officially and legally join the couple together. An alternative term for a reception is a gathering to commemorate the couple’s union with one another.

What can I do instead of a cocktail hour?

Another delectable alternative to the standard cocktail hour is a wine or craft beer sampling. Perhaps you and your fiance have a favorite local microbrewery or vineyard that you enjoy visiting. If you want to go the extra mile, you may engage an expert to walk your guests through a taste of a selection of either your favorite foods or local favorites.

What do the bride and groom do during cocktail hour?

In addition to the conventional cocktail hour, a wine or beer sampling is a delectable option. Perhaps you and your fiancée have a favorite local microbrewery or vineyard that you enjoy visiting together on occasion. A expert might lead your visitors through a taste of several different foods, either from your personal collection or from the surrounding area.

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What do you do for cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour starts off the celebration section of the day, providing an opportunity for guests to interact while sipping on specialty cocktails and Champagne and nibbling on delicious hors d’oeuvres. Because you, your new spouse, and your wedding party are most likely preoccupied with snapping pictures, this portion of your big day is all about the guests.

Do you need food for cocktail hour?

No, the cocktail hour is not the reception, and so you should not be expected to provide a complete dinner to your guests during this time period. While you do not need to serve dinner, you should offer three or four great appetizers to keep your visitors’ stomachs satisfied until dinner is served.

How many appetizers do I need for 75 guests?

How many appetizers do I need to prepare per person for a party of 75? It is estimated that you will require up to 675 appetizers for 75 guests during a graduation celebration that will last more than 4 hours.

Do you need appetizers during cocktail hour?

It is imperative that you provide something to your guests to eat while they wait for the ceremony to begin. If your ceremony is an hour long and you intend on taking an hour and a half of photographs, you should provide something to them while they wait. The more vibrant the cocktail hour, the less likely it is that a guest would notice that there are no appetizers available.

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