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What Size Tablecloth Goes On A 30 In Round Cocktail Table? (TOP 5 Tips)

Use a round tablecloth that is 90 inches in diameter at 30 inches in height. Use a 120-inch circle tablecloth at 42 inches in height. Alternatively, choose our fashionable Spandex table cover.

  • Cocktail Table with a Short Length Tablecloth and overlays that are recommended for a 30 inch circular table. It is most commonly used as a Cocktail Round. From the tabletop to the floor, it measures 30 inches. You’ll need a 90-inch round linen to cover the entire table and extend all the way to the floor. If you want to use a table cover, a 60″ x 60″ table cover is recommended. Purchase 90″ Round Linens in our Poly Premier collection.

What size linen goes on a 30 cocktail table?

If the table is 30 inches high, double the table’s length, breadth, and diameter by 60 inches. If it’s 36 inches high, multiply it by 72 inches. If it’s 42 inches high, multiply it by 84 inches.

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What is the standard size of a cocktail table?

The tall, bar height (standing) cocktail tables are 42 inches in height, while the short, normal height table measures 30 inches in height.

What are standard round tablecloth sizes?

The following are the standard sizes for typical circular tablecloths: Table with a diameter of 30 inches: Seats 2-3 people on a 64-inch cloth chair (17 inch drop) Table with a diameter of 48 inches: Seats cloth for 6 people (72 inches wide) (12 inch drop) Table with a 60-inch diameter: Seats 8 people in a 90-inch cloth couch (15 inch drop)

How do you measure a round tablecloth?

For a circular table, measure the diameter of the table and multiply the measurement by two to get the needed drop. For instance, a 60-inch round table with a 15-inch drop would need the use of a 90-inch circular tablecloth.

What size tablecloth do I need for a 36 round table?

36″ table – For these tables, use a 96″ round tablecloth that extends all the way to the floor or a 120″ round tablecloth with a table cuff or tie to dress it up a little more.

What sizes do tablecloths come in?

Tablecloth dimensions:

  • The following measurements are recommended: 96 in. – best for a 36 in. diameter table (seats 4)
  • 108 in. – best for a 48 in. diameter table (seats 4 to 6)
  • 114 in. – best for a 54 in. diameter table (seats 6 to 8)
  • 120 in. – best for a 60 in. diameter table (seats 8 to 10)
  • 132 in. – best for a 72 in. diameter table (seat

How many tables do I need for cocktail hour?

Plan on one high-top cocktail table per ten guests to provide enough space for everyone to congregate. Apart from that, groups of chairs in a lounge-style setting encourage more personal socializing—as long as you don’t go crazy.

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Can I put a round tablecloth on a square table?

Tablecloths for square tables are available. In most cases, a square tablecloth is the ideal option for a square table (as a rectangular cloth would be longer on two sides of the table and shorter on the other sides, and a circular tablecloth would not properly fit the table).

What size tablecloth fits a 60 inch round table?

For a circular table, measure the diameter of the table and multiply the measurement by two to get the needed drop. For instance, a 60-inch round table with a 15-inch drop would need the use of a 90-inch circular tablecloth.

How many people can a 30 inch cocktail table sit?

15 to 20 people are expected to attend. A 36-inch round cocktail table or a 30-inch round table may accommodate around 4-5 persons.

What size tablecloth should I get for a 48 inch round table?

Round tables 48 inches or 4 feet in diameter – tablecloths 108 inches in diameter. 60 inch or 5 foot round tables – 120 inch round table cloths for a complete drape, 108 inch round for some leg room, 90 inch round for a drop that extends halfway to the floor are all possibilities. We also recommend that you use 5 foot spandex table coverings to ensure a snug fit.

How many inches should a tablecloth hang over?

For the majority of applications, an overhang or “drop length” of at least 6 inches (15cm) is sufficient. Because of the shorter drop length, the tablecloth may appear to be too tiny for the table. Tables with a drop length that extends all the way to the ground are appropriate for more formal events or tables with no seats stored underneath them.

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What size Overlay do you need for a 60 round table?

Tablecloths for 60″ round tables (seats 8) should be 72″ x 72″ or 90″ circular tablecloths. For 72-inch round tables (which seat 10): 90-by-90-inch overlays or 108-inch circular tablecloths are recommended. 6′ banquet tables (seats 6): 60″ x 60″ overlays are recommended.

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