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Which Episode Hawaii 5 O Does Kono Undercover Cocktail Waitress? (Correct answer)

On the television show Hawaii Five-0, who is Kono Kalakaua?

  • Officer Kono Kalakaua is a former member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force and a skilled sniper who now works for the police department. Her other credentials include graduation from the Houston Police Department Academy and being the cousin of another H50 member Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly.

What episode does Kono go undercover?

Hawaii Five-0’s season 7, episode 2 is available to watch online. Kono goes undercover — and breaks a move or two!

Was Kono undercover in Season 2?

Kono was subjected to an extensive investigation by the Department of Internal Affairs during Season 2 after being involved with a group of corrupt officers while on assignment. The fact that it was all an undercover operation was disclosed only when she faced interrogation by her own team members and had her badge taken away from her.

What happened to Wo Fat Face on Hawaii Five O?

A wounded Wo Fat shoots at them as they approach the crash site, only hitting Chin in his vest and taking out one of Savannah’s cameramen’s cameras before they stumble upon him to show that he has sustained severe burns on one side of his face from the crash and begs McGarrett to kill him, but he refuses and is arrested.

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In what episode does Kono meet Adam?

“Ua Hopu (Caught”) is the 22nd episode of Season 2 of the Hawaii Five-0 remake version of the television series.

Why did Kono lose her badge on Hawaii Five O?

Her badge had been taken away by the Internal Affairs Department of the Houston Police Department, which was subsequently discovered to be a plot to use her to go undercover and break a string of corrupt ex-cops, which was initially exposed to the general public and the Five-0 squad.

Why was Kono Missing Season 4?

Lindsay @lemon buzz has verified that Grace, Alex, Scott Daniel Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri), and Scott Daniel Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri) are now in Vancouver filming sequences for a future episode, which is believed to be episode 9 or 10. The reason they are unable to shoot in Honolulu is that Grace has recently given birth to a child and is therefore only able to film in Vancouver.

Why was Mcgarrett not on Season 2?

The actor Alex O’Loughlin had to skip some filming because he was seeking pharmacological treatment for pain management drugs when the show was in production. Averaging 11.83 million viewers per episode, season two placed #26 in the Nielsen ratings for the 2011-12 television season, and the show garnered largely good reviews.

What happened to Alicia’s daughter on Hawaii Five O?

In Season 7, her daughter Sienna was kidnapped by a serial murderer, but she was eventually discovered alive in the second part of the season. She has a fear of drowning that she cannot overcome.

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What happened to Sienna Brown Hawaii Five O?

Sienna Brown, Alicia’s daughter, was murdered years ago by a serial murderer named Edward Sears, who reportedly orchestrated the crime from behind bars. As a result, Alicia’s kid was her weak spot, and Gray took advantage of it. She had the ability to persuade Alicia to break her out of prison, and Five-0 had been taken aback when they learned of this.

Is Wo Fat McGarrett’s half brother?

Steve subsequently realizes that he and Wo Fat are brothers, or at the very least half-brothers, given that Wo Fat grew up with Doris McGarrett and Steve grew up with Wo Fat.

Is Doris McGarrett Wo Fat mother?

Steve discovers that Doris was not the one who murdered Wo Fat’s father, but his mother.

Who killed McGarrett’s dad?

Victor Hesse assassinated him in the pilot episode, which resulted in the formation of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force when John’s son, Steve, tried to revenge his father’s death by assassinating Hesse in the following episode.

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