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What Doea The Couple Do During Cocktail Hour? (Best solution)

Some couples don’t see each other before their wedding and spend the whole cocktail hour taking photographs — after all, that was the original purpose of cocktail hours: to provide guests with something to do while you take photographs. Another option is to have all of your images taken ahead of time and then kick off cocktail hour with your guests.
What should you do during cocktail hour at a wedding reception?

  • Give your guests something extra to do during the cocktail hour, even if it’s simply bringing out the guest book a bit early so they have plenty of time to sign it before the reception begins. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider setting up lawn games such as bocce ball, lawn croquet, or a beanbag toss.

What do the bride and groom do during cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour was originally scheduled without the presence of the bride and groom. Cocktail hour is becoming increasingly popular, which is excellent since it allows the bride and groom to mingle with their guests and relax before the chaos of the reception kicks up.

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What does cocktail hour include?

Cocktail hour at a wedding is usually just what it sounds like: an hour between the ceremony and reception during which guests can have beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and light snacks. In recent years, however, cocktail hour has become more formal.

What can I expect at a cocktail reception?

As the name implies, it is a style of reception in which there will be no formal dinner provided, but instead attendees will be treated to an assortment of finger foods. You may construct a party that contains exactly the traditions that are important to you and hold a celebration that feels like a wedding—without the high cost of a traditional wedding.

How long should wedding cocktail hour be?

What is the duration of cocktail hour? Typically, one hour is allotted, but it can be extended to 90 minutes if more time is required for photographs or to turn the reception room. If you’re planning on staying for a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to incorporate games or other activities to keep people entertained.

Do you need music during cocktail hour?

It is critical that appropriate music is played throughout your cocktail hour. It should set the tone for a pleasant evening and should serve to begin the process of customizing the music for your wedding reception soundtrack (to match your specific tastes). Idealistically, the music we play during cocktail hour will be a well-balanced blend of mid-tempo to energetic tracks.

Do you have to serve food during cocktail hour?

No, the cocktail hour is not the reception, and so you should not be expected to provide a complete dinner to your guests during this time period. While you do not need to serve dinner, you should offer three or four great appetizers to keep your visitors’ stomachs satisfied until dinner is served.

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Do the bride and groom eat first?

Depending on their social commitments, it is possible that the bride and groom will never sit down to dine together. Simply said, eat anything you want. When it comes to a formal, sit-down reception, it is customary to begin serving food after the bride and groom have been presented with their first course.

What do you serve during cocktail hour at a wedding?

Foods That Are Easy to Prepare and Are Perfect for Cocktail Hours

  • Miniature Meatballs In order to be devoured in a single bite, a tiny meatball should be small and simple to bite into. Lettuce Cups. Satay.
  • Deviled Eggs.
  • Cocktail Shrimp. Pot Stickers.
  • Pretzel Bites.
  • Savory Shortbreads.

What should guests do during cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour ideas range from specialty beverages and cocktails to personalized décor and entertaining lawn games, and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

  • Lawn croquet
  • a giant Jenga set
  • roasting marshmallows
  • a game of checkers
  • a homemade wooden wedding sign
  • and more. Cocktail Hour Music by a Mariachi Band
  • Mini-Popsicle Cocktails
  • and more.

Are cocktail weddings good?

Having a cocktail wedding reception has the primary advantage of allowing you to create a true party atmosphere, with lots of space for a dancing and a large bar area. Cocktail weddings are also a wonderful choice if you’re expecting a big number of guests, as there will be more room for standing attendees at a cocktail reception.

How does a cocktail wedding work?

The bottom line: a cocktail reception is far more laid-back, and your guests will be able to fill their bellies with hors d’oeuvres and small snacks throughout the reception. If you choose for a sitting reception, your guests will either dine from plated dinners or assist themselves to a buffet spread.

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How much food is needed for a cocktail wedding?

To put up a 2-hour cocktail party, we would propose no less than 6 to 8 pieces of finger food (containing both hot and cold canapés). We would choose ‘heavier’ or more substantial finger snack items for cocktail gatherings held throughout the evening hours (including pies, tarts and sandwiches).

How much food do you need for cocktail hour?

Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you and have developed the following best estimates, based on the type of event and the time frame: Cocktail hour is 30-60 minutes before dinner, therefore 2-4 pieces per person are recommended. 5-6 pieces each person, 1.5-2 hour event, before supper time, prior to dinner time. Heavy hors d’oeuvres, 8-10 pieces each person, 2-4 hour event, 8-10 pieces per person

Do you get married on the hour or half hour?

On the half-hour, when the clock hands are moving up rather than down, it is thought to be preferable to get married. This is because getting married on the half-hour represents the marriage climbing uphill, whereas getting married on the hour represents the marriage heading downwards.

How do you keep guests entertained during cocktail hour?

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular game ideas you may employ to keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour.

  1. OUTDOOR PARTY GAMES FOR WEDDING Cocktail Hour. Table Tennis is a sport that is played on a table. Croquet or mini golf are two options. Jenga in the Garden is a giant game. In-door wedding cocktail hour games, including a bouncy castle Beer pong is a game played using a beer can. It’s the I Spy Wedding Game. Bingo for the wedding. Scavenger Hunt for Photographs.
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