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What Is The Cocktail Hour At A Wedding? (Solution)

What Is the Definition of Cocktail Hour? The period of time between the ceremony and supper is referred to as cocktail hour. It marks the start of the reception phase of the wedding ceremony and celebration. In the words of Vicky Theodorou, owner of Heirloom Catering Event Design, “cocktail hour is a little like the acclimatization phase.”
Exactly what should be served at a wedding cocktail hour is up for debate.

  • The serving of cocktail hours may be combined with the serving of a buffet. In most cases, cocktail hours are included in a wedding reception. Cocktails made with hard liquors and fruit juices are a common choice for beverages served during cocktail hour. Cocktail hours are meant to be social gatherings. When it comes to cocktail parties, cranberry juice-based Cosmopolitans are a popular choice.

What do you do during cocktail hour at a wedding?

Cocktail hour at a wedding is usually just what it sounds like: an hour between the ceremony and reception during which guests can have beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and light snacks. In recent years, however, cocktail hour has become more formal.

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What do the bride and groom do during cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour was originally scheduled without the presence of the bride and groom. Cocktail hour is becoming increasingly popular, which is excellent since it allows the bride and groom to mingle with their guests and relax before the chaos of the reception kicks up.

What do you do at a cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour ideas range from specialty beverages and cocktails to personalized décor and entertaining lawn games, and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

  1. Lawn croquet
  2. a giant Jenga set
  3. roasting marshmallows
  4. a game of checkers
  5. a homemade wooden wedding sign
  6. and more. Cocktail Hour Music by a Mariachi Band
  7. Mini-Popsicle Cocktails
  8. and more.

What is the point of cocktail hour?

It provides an opportunity for guests to mingle. The atmosphere during a cocktail hour is more relaxed than that of the reception’s supper, so it’s no surprise that many guests say it is their favorite portion of the day. They are free to eat, drink, and roam around as they like, meeting and welcoming one another as they see fit.

Do the bride and groom eat first?

Depending on their social commitments, it is possible that the bride and groom will never sit down to dine together. Simply said, eat anything you want. When it comes to a formal, sit-down reception, it is customary to begin serving food after the bride and groom have been presented with their first course.

Do you need music for cocktail hour?

Music should be enjoyable, but it should not be the main attraction. Cocktail hour is a time for people to socialize and talk, and a band or DJ will only serve to dominate that. instead of a band, consider something more subdued, such as a string quartet, a strolling violinist, or perhaps an acoustic performance.

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Does cocktail hour mean open bar?

If you have an hour of full drink service before dinner, you will have three hours remaining on your regular open bar package for dinner and dancing after dinner. Depending on the length of your event and whether or not you’re serving during dinner, providing a cocktail hour service might result in you having to extend your bar package by an extra hour.

Do you take pictures during cocktail hour?

Following the ceremony, your guests will go on to the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. Mingling, drinks, and even entertainment are provided during this period. Families will be taking a few photographs throughout the first 20 minutes of the session. Providing everyone is there and prepared, this should not consume too much of your valuable time.

Can you skip cocktail hour at a wedding?

If you are 100 percent dedicated to performing a first look and all of your portraiture before the ceremony, you may choose to forego cocktail hour altogether (including family formal portraits).

What can I do instead of a cocktail hour?

Another delectable alternative to the standard cocktail hour is a wine or craft beer sampling. Perhaps you and your fiance have a favorite local microbrewery or vineyard that you enjoy visiting. If you want to go the extra mile, you may engage an expert to walk your guests through a taste of a selection of either your favorite foods or local favorites.

How do you serve cocktails at a wedding?

For cocktail hour, most establishments will open the bar, but they will close it around dinner time. After dinner, the bar will remain open until the conclusion of the reception. For example, a 4 hour service might begin with a cocktail hour from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and continue until 7:00 p.m. During supper, the bar will be closed for an hour to accommodate customers.

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Does a wedding need a cocktail hour?

Even while a cocktail hour may seem like an unneeded addition, for many couples, it has become an essential component of their wedding celebration. Besides providing you with much-needed transition time between the ceremony and the reception, it also gets your guests in the mood for a good time.—

What is the average wedding day timeline?

For the first look and couple photographs, the planners propose a half-hour to an hour, plus another half-hour to an hour for the wedding party and any formal group portraits (such as family portraits). Burgess also recommends extending 30 minutes to the end of the ceremony “to allow for relaxation before the wedding.”

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